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Legal Aid NSW works to ensure that economically and socially disadvantaged people can understand, protect, and enforce their legal rights. Its mission is to deliver a range of innovative, quality legal services to its clients to assist them to resolve their legal problems. To receive legal aid, citizens must apply for a grant. In order to optimise the grant application process, Legal Aid NSW engaged Adrenalin to rethink the integration of the online process. The challenge was to create an online form for citizens to apply for a grant directly themselves, without always requiring the help of a lawyer.


Legal Aid

The needs of the diverse and largely disadvantaged client base were at the forefront of every mind on this project. We ensured the delivery of stringent accessibility standards including WCAG 2.0 conformance across Level AA priorities at every step of the project. UX requirement gathering workshops were held, and in-depth interviews carried out, to ascertain the key user considerations. Keen attention was given to identifying the requirements for the form functionality coupled with a complete analysis of the existing site analytics data on how the manual forms performed.

Legal Aid


Using these insights, we then created wireframe prototypes for the new form to enable user-testing and validation prior to moving into the development and design phase.

It was critical that the new Online Application Form was built to meet the diverse needs of target audiences. This included intelligence in both the form layout and the “journey” users take to complete the form (which often occurs across multiple sessions).  To optimize the process we provided the Legal Aid team with the ability to easily filter and manage applications. The forms were also seamlessly integrated with the grant management system, reducing processing times and workloads.

Legal Aid
The result was an engaging mobile-optimised form-based tool which exceeded usability expectations, met brand guidelines and drove engagement while ensuring strict adherence to Level AA accessibility guidelines.