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User Research

User research is at the foundation of Adrenalin’s product design & delivery process. We will look to undertake accelerated user research with key audience segments to help uncover valuable insights into the needs, pain points and motivators of your target customers and highlight opportunities to increase user satisfaction and improve ROI. Our user research-driven approach ensures that your digital products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-centric, allowing for future-state scalability and growth.

Uncover user needs

User research will provide you with a much deeper understanding of your target audience's needs, drivers and behavioural motivators, allowing you to prioritise your digital product roadmap to deliver quicker ROI

User-Centric Design

User research ensures that your new digital product is designed with the end-users in mind. By incorporating user feedback and preferences into the design process, we will help you create intuitive, user-friendly product interfaces that enhance the overall user experience.

User research services

Competitor analysis

Our competitor analysis delivers a comprehensive examination of key competitors and leading brands within your industry, including detailed insights into their online presence, digital strategies and user experience impact. We identify strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, benchmarked against industry standards, and highlight areas where your competitors excel or fall short. By addressing these gaps and differentiating your digital product from competitors, you can offer unique features or functionality that helps attract and retain customers.


In-depth-interviews involve face-to-face qualitative sessions with users in a controlled environment; the main benefit of IDI’s is that they provide the opportunity to explore topics in detail with respondents. In-depth-interviews can often yield the richest data, details and new insights (when compared to traditional focus-group settings). The IDI-approach to research also provides a more relaxed atmosphere, where the tone of discussion is more relaxed and conversational, allowing for a deeper-level of customer insight to be uncovered

Online Surveys

Surveys offer a low-cost research option and the overall convenience of online surveys typically brings in a higher response. Respondents get to answer questions on their own schedule and at a pace they choose. Online Surveys allow for design flexibility with the layout, questions and answer choices

Ethnographic / In-field research

Contextual research involves observing and interacting with users in their everyday environment to observe how they currently complete an activity. Watching someone complete a task in familiar surroundings (with their usual distractions) helps identify points of friction and can be used to uncover opportunities for improvement. Using contextual enquiries, we will observe verbal and non-verbal signs of gain and pain points. This will help develop empathy, understanding and becoming sensitive to users’ feelings, wants, needs, desires, emotions and thoughts.

Usability testing

Our approach is based upon the principals of Design Thinking and Lean UX, with a continual prototype-test-prototype process, validated where we can against real-users with usability testing of a prototype. Usability testing is low effort, high impact way to find out whether a proposed layout/solution for a digital product has hit the mark, very early on in the product design process. Valuable feedback can be captured in a short amount of time, with both positive and negative findings helping product designers refine the solution to meet user needs.

Industry Research - Global Trends & Best-Practice

We provide an in-depth analysis of current and emerging trends shaping the digital landscape across your industry, including an examination of cutting-edge technologies, innovative strategies and successful case studies from leading brands around the world. Our research provides valuable insights into consumer behaviour, market dynamics and the impact of digital transformation, enabling you to make informed decisions and leverage best practices to stay ahead in the fast-evolving digital era.

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