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Our Expert Team

Different perspectives, shared values. At the heart of our methodology is people: your people and ours; collaborating and merging our two unique areas of expertise. Our team are smart, supportive, empathetic and social. We love coming together daily to lift each other and redefine what it means to do real, honest, brilliant work.

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Account Director

Adeline Benoit

All I need is a steaming pot of black tea to...

Senior Project Manager

Alexander Roth

He grew tall so he can see deadlines from far away

Human Resources Manager

Amy Chippindale

Ran the fastest half-marathon, between two Japanese restaurants

Junior Project Manager

Anna Cano

Believes shopping is the best form of exercise and sales are the best marathon

Data Analyst

April Sun

So good at singing she makes a living by writing

Front End Developer

Bella Ou

Da cat whisperer


Bernie Johnson

Specialist dance move is "The Worm"

Head of Delivery

Courtney Cox

Eats extreme hot wings like a champ

.Net Lead

Dion Tsai

Work hard. Play hard!

Senior Account Manager

Emily Day

You can find me cycling through challenges, downward-dogging through deadlines and multitasking with my best fur friend, Luna

Senior Front End Developer

Fabio Pigagnelli

Dreams of having a Web Inspector for the real world

Director of Technology

George Cains

Can roast his lunch - and anyone - to perfection

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