Product Design/Prototyping & MVP

Prototyping & MVP

Using an agile UX framework, we will work with you to rapidly prototype a MVP for your digital product, through a continual prototype-test-prototype cycle, validated with usability testing against real users. Agile prototyping allows us to quickly test against established KPIs to benchmark the performance of your digital product in a continual-improvement cycle. Prototyping focuses on rapidly building an interactive and visual representation of your digital product's features and functionality set, allowing customers and stakeholders to visualise and test the product's concept and user experience before moving into full production.

Faster Time-to-Market

By building prototypes and MVPs, you can demonstrate the product's potential to users and stakeholders more quickly, accelerating the decision-making process and shortening the time-to-market.

Cost Savings

Prototyping allows for early detection and correction of design flaws and usability issues, reducing development costs by preventing major changes later in the process.

Prototyping & MVP services

Design Sprint

Accelerate decision-making with a design sprint. Our proven design sprint model involves cross-functional teams to collaborate on decision-making, enabling rapid consensus on design directions, features, and solutions

Rapid product prototyping & wireframing

Adrenalin will develop a working prototype for your digital product which captures key user journeys and interface features for your new platform. The prototype will showcase the information architecture, key features and functionality and user flows.

Usability testing

Usability testing is low effort, high impact way to find out whether the proposed design solution has hit the mark, very early on in the production process. Valuable feedback can be captured from target customers in a short amount of time, with both positive and negative findings helping our UX designers refine the solution to better meet user needs

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