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The Black Dog Institute is one of Australia’s most respected medical research institutes and a global leader in mental health and suicide prevention, trialling and developing innovative training programs, clinical services, resources and digital tools. With a broad range of end-users, Black Dog Institute identified the need to deliver a truly personalised user experience across their digital channels. Adrenalin’s overarching approach for the website project was executed on a foundation of user-centricity and long-term scalability with principles of customer engagement, mobility and task-efficiency at the core. Adrenalin executed a cutting-edge user experience that provides visitors with fast and easy access to information with a cohesive and clear narrative.

What we did

  • Digital product strategy
  • User research
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Prototyping & MVP
  • Web & mobile design
  • Data & analytics
  • eCommerce Integration
  • Enterprise website development


Interactions with mental health questionnaires since launch


Exceeded Conversion Targets


Optimised Customer Journeys

Research-driven insights

Beautiful visual design

Black Dog Institute website homepage on mobile with brand graphic in the background

Driving conversion optimisation

Black Dog Institute Website Quick links feature

Seamless user paths with on-site personalisation

Black Dog Institute website UI element collage on pale blue background
Black Dog Institute website landing page design
Black Dog Institute website self test
Black Dog Institute website Landing page and researcher detail page
A collage of Black dog website templates

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