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China’s ‘Torch Park Program’ consists of over 150 technological parks that house innovative businesses, driving economic growth and boosting wealth creation in their local areas and on a national scale. These high tech zones that facilitate advanced research, innovation and entrepreneurship have seen unprecedented success and are responsible for over 11% of China’s entire GDP. UNSW is recognized as a global leader in research and innovation, ranking within the top 50 universities in the world. The University has recently launched a pioneering government-backed initiative bringing the successful Chinese innovation ecosystem – the ‘Torch’ model of Science & Technology Parks - to Australia through a $100 million joint research and science precinct. The Torch Innovation Precinct at UNSW will bring together industry, SMEs, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from Australia, China and beyond. It is the first park of its kind to be set up outside of China, and will further Sino-Australian relations. 

UNSW Torch

With efforts to raise funding for the Torch Innovation Precinct increasing, the Torch project required a digital information hub to act as a showcase vehicle to highlight Torch to prospective investors. The brief to Adrenalin was to design and develop a platform which would speak to both Australian and Chinese industry and resonate with the spirit of Torch by adopting an entrepreneurial flair. Key requirements centered around usability, persuasive architecture and differentiation. A bilingual approach was essential to reach both the English and Chinese speaking audiences.

UNSW Torch
UNSW Torch

Adrenalin adopted a user-first approach paying meticulous attention to detail across every element of the project. To create a sense of excitement and immediately engage the user, immersive video content was positioned centre-stage on the home page. The project’s progressive nature was illustrated through subtle transitions, guiding the user to relevant content and creating an immersive experience. Part of the brief to Adrenalin was to establish the branding for the project. The animation and prominent positioning of the easily recognisable Torch Flame logo enables the user to quickly identify with and understand the project. Subtle ques to the branding and integration of animated brand devices throughout the platform reinforce the project’s credibility.

The Torch website is an engaging hub for information. The sleek, responsive, bilingual site successfully represents the pioneering Sino-Australian venture.