UNICEF Australia

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Powerful, emotive & conversion optimised UX

Adrenalin delivered a highly interactive platform for UNICEF which is conversion-optimised and built on foundations of user-centric design and powerful, emotive storytelling. UNICEF engaged Adrenalin to deliver a best-of-breed suite of responsive digital assets, including the primary UNICEF Australia website. It was imperative that the user experience be as seamless as possible for visitors as they traversed between the UNICEF website, social channels, video portals, blogs and advocacy sites; consuming content and building “donor-intent” along the way. 

UNICEF Australia
To drive deeper engagement with the Australian public we improved the user experience across UNICEF’s digital channels. To optimise UX, the website design is a complete departure from traditional charity sites by presenting powerful imagery in an uncluttered, wide-form manner. The new site boasts a range of features including; rapid-response fundraising capabilities, a conversion optimised user journey to donation and delivery of a seamless user experience across devices.
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UX Feature

The website is fully responsive allowing for an optimal user-experience across different devices and resolutions.
We adopted a ‘user-first’ approach, undertaking extensive internal and external stakeholder research workshops. The seamless journey to donation maintains the donor’s emotional connection by using relevant imagery from the story that first captivated them. The optimised user journey encourages donation and helps convert one-time supporters into monthly donors.
UNICEF Australia

Emergency takeover

An intuitive and intelligent content management platform was also built, allowing UNICEF staff to quickly and easily publish content catering for a variety of scenarios.  This is critical, especially during times of global catastrophes, such as the 2016 Fijian Cyclone, the platform can cope with the sharp increase in traffic and donations.

Charity gift donation

Ecommerce is seamlessly integrated into the website. The Inspired Gift Shop section of the site further enables users to donate. Throughout the website the navigation is intuitive allowing the user to easily move between the pages, consuming relevant content while being encouraged to share across their own social channels.

UNICEF Australia
UNICEF Australia
The new UNICEF Australia website is a captivating, conversion-optimised platform, driving digital now and into the future.