Connecting Australia
The future of digital in Australia

The NBN is one of Australia’s largest-ever infrastructure projects and represents the future of digital in Australia. It’s an initiative that is cutting edge, innovative and exciting. The challenge set by NBN Co was to deliver a revamped website that would be worthy of the NBN brand and its mandate to deliver a project that is truly monumental in scope. When complete, the NBN will change the face of the Australian telecommunications industry, reaching roughly 8 million homes and enabling nearly universal baroadband coverage, regardless of where you live in Australia. Among other challenges faced by NBN Co, the company is tasked with rolling out roughly 150,000 kilometres of fibre cabling, repurposing existing technologies such as copper and HFC networks, sending two satellites into space to cover rural and regional Australia – all to build a better, connected country, sooner and at an affordable price.

Being a government initiative with many target audiences, the new website needed to be completely Accessible, while offering simple, intuitive and immersive user experiences (UX). Secondary goals included category education, audience segmentation and improved efficiencies for NBN Co’s many teams including On-Line, Planning, Corporate Affairs and others.
By developing an intimate knowledge of the target demographics and segments, Adrenalin architected a solution that connected with NBN Co’s objectives as well as the emotive and information needs of the company’s many audiences. 
Extensive Stakeholder Research was undertaken, including accelerated requirements-gathering workshops with key stakeholders. User-centred design activities included persona development, experience maps, customer journeys, as well as a comprehensive usability laboratory testing against early-stage wireframes. This ensured an information and content rich architecture, which achieved optimal outcomes for both usability and intuitive navigation. By utilising a responsive and an adaptive approach, the design solutions made better use of the “real estate” provided by larger – and smaller – screens. This also optimised the mobile UX on a time, location and contextual needs basis.

Simplified journey

Key to the process was the need to work intimately with NBN Co’s Online and IT teams, thereby laying the groundwork for the Visual Design. The primary driver was to design a website that not only aligned to brand, but also excited the user through rich, engaging creative content – all while maintaining the highest levels of usability and Level-A accessibility by simplifying the user journey. Attention to detail and stringent quality control ensured the site’s professional look, providing credibility and maintaining NBN Co’s brand integrity.

Adrenalin delivered a robust digital solution for The NBN - Australia’s largest-ever infrastructure project which represents the future of digital in the country.