Delivering accessibility through powerful UX
Empowering users through clean user experience design

IPART provides independent regulatory decisions and advice to protect the ongoing interests of the consumers, taxpayers and citizens of NSW. The website is IPART’s primary interface with its stakeholders, ranging from government, regulators and industry, through to interest groups and consumers. The existing platform and its architecture presented users with a confusing user experience. Adrenalin was challenged to create a website that effectively communicated the vast body of information IPART creates in a clear and concise manner.


We adopted a user-first approach to the project. Initially we conducted a UX analysis of the existing site and carried out user testing and face-to-face interviews to create personas and map out customer journeys. The insights gleaned from this activity provided a canvas for us to build the design and structure the information architecture around. 



The next step was to create wireframes and carry out further user testing before moving into the design phase.

Improving the site’s usability for stakeholders, we created the ‘Have your say’ bar. This sticky tab allows customers to submit forms, including their personal data, to provide their comments and views on reviews published by IPART. This links directly to all reviews that are open for submissions, allowing the user to submit a comment on the review of their choice. It also provides a quick hop to upcoming events, enabling the user to view upcoming forums.


The visual design, guided by principals of persuasive architecture and optimised usability, successfully delivers engaging, mobile-optimised content. From reviews to timetables and calendars, we re-imagined the navigational paradigm and structural approach for the IPART website delivering a more consumer-focused, plain-English solution. Features such as prominent calls to action for email subscriptions met key business objectives for data capture and audience engagement. A sticky right-hand side navigational panel fly-out enables the user to access the upcoming events and current reviews. 

The result is an easy to navigate, fully mobile optimised, website that meets the requirements of IPART’s wide range of stakeholders. The modern, clean design and intuitive information architecture combine to provide an effective and accessible user experience.