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The Audi Finance website delivers a premium, fresh and innovative car finance service utilising forward-thinking web design that works seamlessly across tablet, mobile and desktop to deliver a rich and engaging customer experience. The project commenced with an extensive scoping and discovery process which encapsulated the needs of various key stakeholders. Furthermore, this phase incorporated end-user such as car buyers, car owners and those looking to upgrade their vehicle in the near future. Adrenalin was able to capture these various objectives to deliver a digital strategy for the Audi Finance brand to fulfil these goals and objectives with measureable results.

Audi Finance
With the key objectives being consumer education, lead generation, and ultimately traffic through to the dealerships, Adrenalin’s challenge was to deliver a site that was both modern and sexy with a focus on delivering results on these key metrics. Using responsive designs coupled with best practice UX methodologies, the solution delivers a seamless user experience based on intuitive navigation and usability. Adrenalin developed the website on the Kentico platform that leveraged the CMS’s core features and functionality allows for best practices on website updates, maintenance and future scalability.
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The Audi Finance website offered a variety of features to educate users on the various finance options that are available in the automotive industry. These finance solutions were aimed at both personal and business owners. To assist with the process of education, the website also offers a Discovery Centre filled with information rich and SEO optimised articles for the customer based on their current buying stage.

Financial calculator 

Audi Finance Australia has offered, for the first time, an online calculator allowing consumers to find vehicles that best suit their budget (based on their monthly repayment budget) or alternatively be able to calculate the cost repayment cost per month based on their selected model and variant of interest. These calculator tools use a combination of Ajax and Javascript for all page interactions to ensure there are no page refreshes when users are adding cars or updating finance details allowing users to select one or many vehicles and view the repayments details for their selected cars.

Audi Finance
Audi Finance
Overall the Audi Finance Website has taken the brand from what was a template flat and uninspiring website to a highly interactive website which is future-proof, cutting edge, and content rich which reflects the brands core values and leadership position within the automotive finance industry.