Volkswagen Finance

Driving beautiful customer experience
Accelerating digital innovation

The Volkswagen Finance website is a fresh, new, innovative car finance site. It utilises forward-thinking web design that works seamlessly across tablet, mobile and desktop to deliver a rich and engaging customer experience propelling the Volkswagen brand forward into 2014 and beyond. To create the final product Adrenalin undertook an extensive scoping and discovery process which considered the needs of a disparate range of key stakeholders ranging from car sales teams through to business managers, customer service teams, international marketing, and internal marketing which all contributed to the delivery of a final digital strategy that met all stakeholder requirements.

Volkswagen Finance
Combining the best in both responsive technology and retina design, the site has been built with a clean minimalist approach in mind which is both modern and sexy whilst educating consumers to make informed finance decisions, driving conversions, leads and traffic into Volkswagen car dealerships Australia-wide. Best practice information architecture methodology was implemented from the get-go to ensure the delivery of a seamless user experience based on intuitive navigation and usability which allows transitions from one section of the site to any other section with a minimum of clicks.
  • SEO
The site features a dealer locator which is aimed at driving leads and conversions whilst also providing a seamless search experience on any device, and rich engaging SEO optimized user content which not only informs but also engages the car buyer during their consideration phase. In addition to this Adrenalin has produced the first ever web based finance calculator for the Volkswagen Finance brand.
Volkswagen Finance

Repayment calculator feature

Users can interact with the brand new finance calculator to gauge their ability to purchase a new Volkswagen vehicle. This was a key desirable which was established in the scoping phase and has been produced as a core focus of the new site which designs optimized to enhance this user experience. The calculator has been seamlessly integrated with the site to provide users with a product which allows them to experience the affordability of a new Volkswagen car through the myriad of finance options available to them through Volkswagen Finance. 

Volkswagen Finance
The final product has taken the brand from a template flat and uninspiring website to a highly interactive site which is future-proof, cutting edge, and content rich which reflects the brands core values and leadership position within the automotive finance industry.