7 tips to make your next online campaign a success

by Bernie Johnson
08 Sep 2014
4 min read
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7 tips to make your next online campaign a success

Whilst there’s no silver bullet to guarantee online campaign results, these 7-tips help lay a strategic foundation to power success for your next campaign or website project.


1.  Define your Value Proposition

You only have a matter of seconds to convince a potential customer to stick around. The way to do this is to quickly call-out your value proposition. You need to be able to quickly answer your customer's questions "What's in it for me?" and "How will you solve my problem?"

2.  Be Fanatical about User Experience

Simplicity, intuitive functionality, clear branding and structured content are essential to the success of any user experience model. User experience is really the same thing as customer service. If you provide users with an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing experience - and offer them accessible information - it not only helps to increase return traffic, but it can have a profound effect on generating positive brand sentiment whilst significantly reducing bounce and abandonment rates.

3.  Deliver Personalisation

You can be clever about personalising an online experience without being creepy. Remember that most people are happy to be shown content which is relevant to them and adds value to their interactions with a brand. There are plenty of tools which allow for content tagging and segmentation, making the job of displaying more relevant content to users much easier.

4.  Create Urgency & Use Scarcity

Giving consumers a reason to act quickly is a powerful tool for driving engagement - a delayed conversion is a lost conversion. Frist, your offer needs to be relevant to consumers and they need to trust you. If these boxes are ticked, you can use "real" urgency (ie, "this offer expires in 4 hours") or "implied" urgency (ie, "be quick" or "act now"). Scarcity is all about limited supply, which enhances perceived value. Fear of missing out usually makes a customer desire something more. 

5.  Reduce Friction & Alleviate Anxiety

Fear or uncertainty leads to online abandonment, so you need to ensure there's no confusion. Provide secondary “safety valve” call-to-actions for those not ready to commit or buy from you just yet (such as "Add to my Wish List"). You can also quickly build trust by using "social proof" - customer testimonials, star ratings, reviews, likes, follows and +1's. 

6.  Be where the conversation is

People no longer wish to be spoken to with brand rhetoric, they want to be part of the conversation and even drive the direction of what’s being said about a brand they are passionate about. Integrating a social media feed directly into a website illustrates a company’s willingness to listen to their customers. In addition, from a SEO perspective, the benefits of integrating social media content directly into a website are enormous.

7.  Become a Content Powerhouse

Content needs to become one of your most valuable assets. The ability to persuade and inform individuals at different stages of the buying or retention cycle is imperative. Focus your content marketing efforts on creating specific, relevant and personalised content to better engage your audiences across multiple channels including blogs, microsites, social media, case studies, email marketing & lead nurturing, videos and thought-leadership articles.

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