Recap: Design Disruptors, a documentary by InVision

by Jessica Hobbs
18 Nov 2016
2 min read
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Recap: Design Disruptors, a documentary by InVision

Last night was the red carpet Sydney Premiere of the much-hyped Design Disruptors. After feeling curious and somewhat inspired by the emotive trailers that have been filling up my design blog feeds for the past year now, I and many others filled the theatre at the Seymour Centre to get an insight into the lives of the individuals driving the design revolution.

Design Disruptors is a film by InVision that showcases insights, methods and opinions (somewhat mixed) of Designers from some of the most forward thinking companies around the globe. The companies included were Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Pinterest and the list goes on.

The documentary mostly consisted of interviews with the extremely talented Designers in each elite company, giving us an insight into their everyday lives and how the role of a Designer is constantly changing with technology and with business. The necessity of having a voice in a world no longer sheltered by management between stakeholders and creatives.

Understanding people’s needs is more important than ever and not only creating a seamless and easy experience for users but trying to solve real problems without relying on current industry rules. The film touched on the challenge of designing for diversity in today’s era and how a Designer should always be aware of future generations and how they could interact and behave with products. Jenny Arden, UX Designer from Google said “Design is Human”, users will ultimately decide the direction that they want to go in and proposing a possible future is more achievable than creating it. 

Other key messages included the importance of testing and iterating in the current agile landscape and how having access to constant accessible feedback is necessary for improving your designs. As Branden Kowitz Design Partner at Google Ventures put it “Understanding how design directly impacts your user makes you powerful. That power makes you dangerous to incumbents”

And of course the idea of keeping it simple, finding the fine line between including all of the features or only the features that the user is comfortable with.

All-in-all the film didn’t delve too deep into the disruptive lives of these individuals or uncover some mind-blowing methodologies used to solve the world’s most challenging problems. But it did reiterate the importance of what we do as designers and the diversity necessary in our industry to be successful and clever with our design solutions especially in the current design landscape.

Definitely worth a watch, Design Disruptors would also be a good film to show your Mum or whomever still thinks that you are just a Graphic Designer creating logos and business cards. Because we’ve all been there, trying to explain to people what our job really encompasses, and it never seems to come out right.

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