Adrenalin Rush session

by Taryn Sligh
12 Nov 2013
5 min read
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Adrenalin Rush session

Adrenalin Media is a key believer in driving innovation within the digital space.  In light of this, we run regular sessions of “Adrenalin Rush” where the entire company gets involved.  The objective of the Rush sessions are to push boundaries and deliver very new and fresh ideas that can provide creativity and innovation within the company. 

The formula for Adrenalin Rush:

Firstly, we all head to a new location, something completely different from the norm.  By shifting environments, we hope to achieve maximum creativity from the team.  Everyone is split into teams of 4, each comprising of a creative/designer, developer, project manager and an account manager.  Once the teams are formed, we receive a brand that we’ve had little exposure to.  Each brand comes with a background document outlining its target audience, goals and future ambitions.

A particular saying that has always stuck with me “the difference between art and design is budget and timeframes.” This is something most people can agree on.  The best thing about Adrenalin Rush is that there are no rules, no restrictions, no reason to say ‘no’ but only ‘why’ and ‘how’.  The sky is the limit! By taking away these boundaries we aim to breed innovation and novel value to the brand in some way.  With this in mind, each team promptly gets to work.

We begin the first phase by brainstorming various ideas and technologies and how we can disrupt the brands’ market.  Each member shares their valuable knowledge in their particular area of expertise, which slowly formulates into a feasible plan of action.  After 3 hours of brainstorming, we pitch our ideas to the wider team, where we receive feedback and constructive contributions. Taking this on board, we reassess and begin the execution phase - improving and fine tuning our ideas.  Just to mix it up a little, each team is assessed on innovation, creativity, value-add and cost. As a result, each team becomes highly competitive - competitors drive innovation.

After hours of scribbling and sketching, project plans and strategy pieces, we all gather around for the final presentation with our voting cards in hand, eagerly awaiting our turn to wow the wider team.  Each team in turn presents their finessed idea, as if selling it to the highest bidder.  As the presentation and Q&A comes to an end, that long awaited beer swiftly follows while the winning team is unveiled. 

This day provides us with a great opportunity to be able to work with other members that we may not have previously.  It can build new relationships or strengthen existing ones.  It helps to improve the team rapport and the general morale of the company. 

Adrenalin Rush allows Adrenalin Media to remain as a key competitor within the digital industry.  This day provides us with such rich ideas ranging from experiential technologies to new strategy pieces.  Irrespective of the winning idea, the majority are presented to clients for feedback and further tweaking, transforming from a mere concept to reality.  Whilst some ideas may push the envelope for certain brands' guidelines, it definitely highlights our agency's thinking capability. We understand that with innovation and creativity comes a level of risk - and therefore some concepts are either toned back or the applicable technologies fuel other brainstorming and ideation sessions.  It is particularly exciting to see how these concepts can be applied to varying clients, thus improving the success of the brands we work with.  

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