A look back at our 'Weekly Twist' campaign #Adrenalin10Yrs

by Taryn Sligh
01 May 2015
2 min read
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A look back at our 'Weekly Twist' campaign #Adrenalin10Yrs

In 2014 Adrenalin Media was celebrating its 10 year anniversary.  We decided to use the anniversary as a great opportunity to reimagine the brands logo and launch a “Weekly Twist” campaign.

We asked everyone in the company to submit their ideas of ways to leverage the Adrenalin Media logo and have some fun with it, publishing it across all our social channels using #Adrenalin10Yrs to spread the word. 

The participation was remarkable from everyone in the team.  There was certainly a different air about the office during Week 1 as they began to submit their ideas and work on their artwork.  And just to up the ante, what’s Adrenalin Media’s culture without a little healthy competition?  The winners would have their artwork featured on the Adrenalin Media Facebook Page - obviously not without the help from our amazing creative team who applied those final touches – but not only that, the winners would also receive some amazing prizes for themselves and their friends/families. 

Everyone’s creative juices began to flow and we had ideas ranging from the very creative latte art to body painting, with a few obscure ones in the middle which we won’t mention...

Here are our best 10 that were featured on our Adrenalin Media Facebook and Twitter pages:

Week 1

After the long weekend – let’s get healthy!

Week 2

Feeling 8bit retro.

Week 3

Artwork from our very own Elysia, the biggest sweet tooth we have in the office.  This was also the winning artwork, voted by the team.  Congratulations Elysia! 

Week 4

Happy Halloween!

Week 5

Ready for Movember?

Week 6

Feeling very organised in the office.

Week 7

Feeling caffeinated... Current office record is 6 cups in a single day!

Week 8

Binary time.

Week 9

Summer time baby.

And finally but not least...

Week 10  

The amazing baking skills from our resident Masterchef Lucie celebrating our 10th Anniversary!  I don’t think the cake lasted long after the photograph as I certainly didn’t get a slice!

Happy Birthday to Adrenalin Media #Adrenalin10Yrs.

Which is your favourite? 

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