Those who can do, teach

by Jessica Bray
08 Mar 2016
3 min read
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Those who can do, teach

I guess you have heard the saying that ‘those who can’t do, teach’. Which in my case could not be more wrong. It’s very common now for Design colleges to hire working designers as teachers because of their real life experience. They practise what they preach every day and are up to date with the latest digital trends. Teachers should be relatable and learning should always be fun and beneficial. Tweed jackets are a thing of the past!
As a young, eager designer seeing the work produced by my lecturers was the most inspiring part of learning. Seeing the goal that I was working towards in the career I had chosen to pursue was very important to me. (That and making it to the pub in time for happy hour). That’s what lead me to start teaching outside of working as a full-time Designer at Adrenalin. I spend my spare time teaching at General Assembly sharing my experiences in digital design. General Assembly is a global educational company that offers a variety of full-time and part-time courses, specifically for those interested in technology, business and design. Over the past two years I have taught the part-time Visual Design course along with a range of workshops ranging from Photoshop 101 to Web Design for Developers.

I have in turn learnt SO much from spending my nights with a diverse bunch of bright future designers

Nothing can improve your public speaking skills more than a room full of eyes staring at you waiting for you to go to the next slide.
Last week I invited my colleagues, Adrenalin’s Creative Director Raj and Senior Designer Taryn, to come and talk to my Visual Design class. They inspired the students talking about what it’s really like to work at a successful digital agency and fielded a whole host of questions from the class.
I’ve also met some pretty awesome people along the way. You know it’s all worth it when you receive a picture message from an ex-student showing how a font has been completely misused in public with an accompanying sad face emoji.
I could not recommend taking or even teaching a part-time digital course more highly. Meeting so many interesting and driven people with such a range of talents is inspiring. Even the smallest bit of guidance can help you to make that career transition. Trust me, as I was once a pair of eyes waiting for the next slide too.

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