Losing control on the dancefloor for UNICEF

by Suejee Kim
04 Mar 2015
3 min read
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Losing control on the dancefloor for UNICEF

This Christmas we live-streamed our agency to the World and handed-over controls to the office sound system as part of Dancing for UNICEF—an interactive campaign which helped raise over $5,500 for charity.

As part of the campaign we hacked four webcam feeds, a digital jukebox, and the office fire alarm—and combined these with home-grown UX and sweet web design to create the Dancing for UNICEF platform.

Core to the campaign was the responsive Dancing for UNICEF site, where visitors could select a song from an epic playlist and hit a "Make us Dance!" button. A deafening air-horn would then blast in real-time throughout the agency—with all staff given 10-seconds to scramble madly to reach the dance floor.

All this was streamed to the world via the live-feed cameras placed strategically throughout the office.

The spectacle continued as the track blared to life, our audience sitting back to watch our (not-so) talented staff pop an assortment of Caterpillars, Running Mans, Sprinklers, Twerks, Backspins, Snakes and Bus Drivers.

Visitors were not only able to watch all manner of dancefloor sacrilege occur, but to direct when and what we danced to.

Each dance meant more dollars for UNICEF—with a total of $5,607 raised throughout the campaign.

You can still re-live the mayhem and view the “best-of” dances via YouTube. Watch as we bust out to everything from Beyonce’s Single Ladies to the Harlem Shake, with all the style and panache of an agency celebrating 10 years in the business.  

Our thanks go out to everyone who made us dance and those who generously supported the campaign by donating to UNICEF.

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