Adrenalin speaks at Vivid

by Adrenalin
13 Jun 2017
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Adrenalin speaks at Vivid

At the beginning of this month, as part of Vivid, we headed to the WeWork offices in Martin Place for an evening of lively discussion and thought leadership on digital trends for 2017.

The private event, hosted by MediaSocial was the 10th of its kind. The audience - made up of marketing, advertising, media and PR professionals – was treated to an evening jam packed with thought provoking presentations and discussion.

All photo credits: MediaSocial 

The first speaker was Rob James, the Chief Information Officer for William Hill Australia. Rob discussed digital disruption through data. He started by taking us back to the ice-cutting days and how the ice industry was transformed by GE’s invention of a freezer in a refrigerator. He used the example to highlight how cross-industry disruption has been happening for years.

Our key takeaway: “Disruption often time doesn’t come from within your industry, it’s a player that side steps into your industry”

Next up was Rob Brown, co-founder of international peer-to-peer parking app, Kerb. Also discussing disruption but, this time in the context of the sharing economy, Rob discussed his marketing secrets and shared his own company’s path to success. He discussed how people adapt and change and businesses need to understand that to remain ahead of the curve.

The shared economy is a land grab, not a profit drive

Following Rob, Tiffany Farrington took to the stage. Dubbed a ‘PR Queen’ Tiffany is the owner and founder of Social Diary. She spoke very candidly about her disdain for fake social influencers. She discussed her own research into the impact fake social influencers or “influenzas” have for brands.

Our key takeaway: Look for quality followers not quantity

After a brief interlude for the audience to refresh their glasses, Jeff Bullas shared his secrets for creative success in a digital world. Jeff is widely recognised as global influencer in the digital marketing space; a title he has worked hard and strategically to achieve. He shared some top tips on utilising the right mix of social media, time management and the difference between deep and shallow work. He explained deep work to be work that requires deep thought and shallow work as something like answering emails or attending meetings.

Don’t wait to share something until it is perfect or you will wait forever

Lastly, Gina Lednyak, Founder and CEO of global agency L&A Social Media, took to the stage to talk about utilising social media to drive ROI for clients.

Our key takeaway: “Remember to speak to customers and show the brand's personality, don’t just advertise to them on social”

After the speakers, there was a panel discussion which focused on trends in Artificial Intelligence, data, mobile and social media. Adrenalin’s Director, Bernie Johnson, spoke alongside Nick Lavidge (CEO, ALLEY Group), Benjamin Pirrie (Head of Digital, True) and Jeff Bullas (Digital Marketing Influencer).

When asked “What big opportunities in mobile web experiences can brands leverage?” Bernie said:

“Don’t use technology for the sake of using technology. There has to be a consumer need. You have to ask where the value for the customer is.”

“We interact with our phones less than every 5 minutes – so the answer is yes, brands need to be investing mobile”

The next question for Bernie was: “What’s critical for brands in mobile now?”

He broke it down into these three main points:

1. Get the Customer Experience right - 80% of us use our phones to research brands or companies, but we're 5 times more likely to leave a site if it's not mobile-friendly. CX on your site or app is critical

2. Track & Measure Everything - There is so much data available on mobile - use it.

3. Bring it back to the Customer Need - If you want to start with more immersive technologies, then make sure your customers will see value in it.

 The discussion covered a wide range of trends and the audience got involved asking the panel some gritty questions. The closing question was:

How do you make me money?

Jeff Bullas fielded it first and replied by saying: “Using social channels you can build a brand as a thought leader and position the brand within market. That provides value to the business and ultimately helps make them money.”

Bernie was next up and he took a more direct approach “You can’t put lipstick on a pig. If the idea or the product you are selling is of quality an agency can help you take that to market, but the idea has to be good to start with.”

The evening was full of insightful discussion, thanks for having us involved, we are looking forward to the next MediaSocial event.

If you are interested in attending industry events, check our #AdrenalinSessions page for our upcoming events.

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