Rich media dynamic advertising - the clever banners of the future

by Vicky Lalwani
06 Jun 2011
4 min read
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Rich media dynamic advertising - the clever banners of the future

Adrenalin Media has recently partnered with DoubleClick and EyeWonder in creating Dynamic Banner Ad units for some of our client campaigns. Using dynamic ad units, the content of the unit or offer can be tailored to each visitor, based on context (which specific website they are on) and browsing habits. The end result is stronger brand affiliation and higher click-thru rates, creating a much more personalised and engaging interaction for the audience.

So how do Dynamic Banner Units differ? Currently most online display campaigns are created using standard Flash banners. These banners are then pushed to the publishers after negotiating inventory space through real-time bidding and/or through the ad networks. If the advertiser wishes to change the copy of the banner, they contact the creative agency to help make the necessary content changes (be it text or imagery) and the entire process is repeated. With Dynamic Banner Advertising, clients can use the power of DoubleClick’s Rich Media Dynamic Advertising (RMDA) or EyeWonder’s Ad Serving platform to control the content that the end user sees when the ad is loaded. In short, these platforms are your content management system for ad banners and therefore dynamic in content.

With recent campaigns, Adrenalin Media has created dynamic ad units which allow the advertisers (clients) to change text, size of text (where some lines may need stronger emphasis), images, click-through links and call-to-action messages. Our clients are able to independently make these changes which will be trafficked live within 15 minutes.

With DoubleClick’s DFA (DoubleClick For Advertisers) platform, advertisers have greater control over retargeting users who once visited their website but did not convert (i.e. did not make an enquiry or added a product to their shopping cart but did not checkout etc.). These retargeting ads often offer those previous visitors a discount or re-educate them on the product they were interested in. Through clicking these ads, the user is returned to the advertiser’s website to convert into a customer.

For example, let’s say John Doe visits a financial website (advertiser) which offers home loans. John Doe reads more about a home loan product but does not apply for the product. The advertiser can tag John Doe as ‘Someone who is interested in purchasing their first home’ (through the use of clever cookies). Let’s say that John Doe then leaves the bank’s website and visits a publisher’s website (for example a loan comparison website). The ad banners that appear by the advertiser (bank) can be pushed to these type of websites to re-educate John Doe on the home loan product and its benefits - as well as potentially offer a special discount (or free consultation) to get him to click on the banner and apply for the home loan.

With the power of Dynamic Advertising through these intelligent platforms, coupled with Adrenalin Media’s creative capabilities, the ability to deliver dynamic banner ads to create a more personalised interaction for visitors are endless.

Contact Adrenalin Media if you would like to discuss creative banner solutions for your next campaign.Or you can call us on (02) 9280 0550.

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