Innovation powers Adrenalin Rush

by Vicky Lalwani
03 Jun 2011
4 min read
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Innovation powers Adrenalin Rush

We always knew this was going to be a big event!

With deep ambitions to remain at the forefront of innovation in Australian digital media, the first of several Adrenalin Rush innovation days was held recently and the concept was a huge success!

The event, run over 2 days, starts with an innovation “skunk-works” team being randomly selected amongst staff. The typical make-up consists of a web designer, user-interface expert and back-end developer.

All three are removed from their normal working environment and mandated to deliver a working prototype within 28 hours. They can design and build anything they want, with one qualifier – it has to be innovative and have the potential to add-value to our client projects .

Digital innovation is hard to structure - and success or failure is just as difficult to quantify. Innovation equates to risk, so it’s often easier to merely follow the success of others rather than create out-of-the-box, truly inspirational ideas. Make no mistake, innovation in any industry is easier said than done . It requires time, the right skills and a structured process to ensure continued improvement in any industry.


Innovating in the digital space can vary in the form of new website development processes, outstanding creativity in web design and usability, social media campaigns or mobile web applications. So long as we’re creating value for clients, there are no limits.

On the day one of the Adrenalin Rush, the rushees brainstorm various ideas with no input or direction from management. The team then pitches the core innovative idea to a working group who provide some high-level feedback before execution. Execution of the ideas begin shortly after the presentation and work carries on through the night (with the creativity aided by beer and pizza) and into the following day.

On Friday afternoon, the entire company gather for end-of-week drinks and the Rush team present their working prototype to the group – often to howls of “oooooohhhhs” and “aaaahhhhhhhs” from the floor! The team talks everyone through the highs and lows of the past 2 days and the session ends with an interactive Q&A.

Some of the fantastic concepts we’ve seen include gesture-based retail catalogues, accelerometer and location based mobile apps and new innovations around ecommerce web design and usability to power customer conversions.

At the end of each innovation session, we gain feedback from the team to see how the Adrenalin Rush process can continually be improved.

We’re running the Adrenalin Rush days four times a year and the viability of each idea will be graded on innovation, creativity, value-add and cost. The winning ideas will then be developed into final products and incorporated into the suite of strategic solutions we offer clients. All innovation concepts from the Rush days are “sandboxed” for future teams to enhance and improve on, or to spin-off in a different direction.

Adrenalin Rush has been an exciting initiate and encourages staff to push their imagination outside of the normal day-to-day environment.

By empowering our staff the opportunity and resources to be innovative, it allows Adrenalin Media to remain at the forefront of Australian digital and web innovation.

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