2010 Online Retail Industry awards!

by Bernie Johnson
28 Jun 2010
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2010 Online Retail Industry awards!

We were thrilled at Adrenalin Media to have been nominated in 3 separate categories for the 2010 Online Retail Industry Awards!

The categories were:

  • Best Multichannel Retailer
  • Best Customer Experience
  • Best Site Design

All 3 nominations were for the Proactiv website which we built in partnership with our good friends at Guthy-Renker.

"There were some clear themes which reflect the growing maturity of the industry in Australia," said Andy Powell, Chair of the ORIA Judging Panel and Director of Multichannel, Deloitte.

These included:

  • Innovative business models in which simple and compelling customer value propositions are articulated and well-executed
  • Online offerings targeting niche services or selling to the “long tail”
  • Improving quality of customer experience in both look and feel and real customer service options such as click-to-chat and offline shopping support
  • General focus on the credentialising of product offers through peer reviews, testimonials and community-generated feedback

"Looking beyond the obvious elements like useability, look and feel, and content quality, we have been seeking those entrants who demonstrated a sympathetic understanding of who comes to their business and why they’re there, and can translate that understanding into a compelling and enriching experience. As for the 'lesser known names' it just proves you don’t have to be big to be good ... "

The winners are announced on 8th July 2010 in Sydney.

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