Leadership for Women in Digital

by Adrenalin
06 Jul 2018
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Leadership for Women in Digital

WED 20 JUNE: In an incredible SOLD OUT event, we focused our #AdrenalinSessions evening on Leadership for Women in Digital and the skills and strategies women can use to further their careers.

Featuring a dynamic trio of female trailblazers – Claire Scapinello, Head of Brand & Customer (Development & Construction) at TOGA, Laura Hill, Head of Advertising and Partnerships at Gumtree Australia, and Tiffany Farrington, Director of online “PR bible” Social Diary – the speakers shared their top tips and career advice using personal strategies and experiences on how they became successful leaders.

Speakers Claire Scapinello, Laura Hill and Tiffany Farrington. 


Claire Scapinello, Head of Brand & Customer (Development & Construction), TOGA

Claire speaking about the 10 Building Bricks for Women in Leadership. 

“Back yourself! Mute the nagging voice. Think, ‘I can do this’.”

As a Marketing and Digital specialist with over 18 years’ experience across a diverse range of global, ASX and private organisations within the consumer and property sectors, Claire developed a broad skill set across brand and digital transformation programs in addition to Go To Market strategies.

Now the Head of Brand & Customer at TOGA, Claire is responsible for delivering an exceptional end-to-end customer experience, brand reputation, digital transformation and customer relationship management.

Talking about overcoming her own personal adversities and how she rose through the ranks, Claire discussed the Top 10 building blocks for women in leadership, what you need in your career tool belt, and how to build these capabilities.



  • Ask for feedback: How am I going? What else can I be doing? It’s important to know how you’re perceived. And be honest.
  • Inspire others: it’s very difficult to do but set a clear vision. Spend one-to-one time with your team, learn what drives and inspires them. 
  • Nurturing growth: When a manager/leader learns, the team learns. The more you teach a team the easier your job will become. Top things that retain resources is learning and recognition – not salary.

“Stop and breathe; take time to reflect and re-evaluate.”


Laura Hill, Head of Advertising and Partnerships, Gumtree Australia

Laura speaking about leadership, mentors and trailblazing in heels.

“As a leader you need to be bold. You need to make tough decisions and surround yourself with smart, inspiring people.”

Heading up Advertising and Partnerships at Gumtree Australia since 2014, Laura is responsible for all display and text advertising and leads a team of sales, operations and analysts who are focused on delivering data-led advertising solutions to Gumtree’s wealth of clients. 

She also launched Gumtree Media in 2016 – a programmatic-first approach to advertising which leverages Gumtree’s rich first-party data to deliver highly qualified audience segments in order to meet the needs of today’s advertisers.

Speaking about trailblazing in heels, Laura spoke to the audience about how her 15 years’ experience in advertising and partnerships across broadcast, print and digital media led her to be a woman committed to change and female empowerment. 



  • Constantly seek opportunities. Accept them and run with it.
  • It’s not essential to have a mentor: Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. It’s often the people sat around you that control today’s success.
  • Leadership is about caring.The team makes it happen. The team needs to be committed. You must care about people and encourage them to step outside their comfort zone.

“Trust your gut, it’s often right but also prepare to fail. Trust your decision and know it’s right for your business, and what aligns with your strategy.”


Tiffany Farrington, Director, Social Diary

Tiffany told the audience how she started her company after seeing a huge gap in the market.

“Put your hand up and get noticed.”

As the Founder & Director of Social Diary, an online network for public relations, brands & media, Tiffany brought a key PR perspective to the table. 

Born out of necessity, Tiff saw the opportunity to create an online service includes a diary to avoiding clashing events; a daily newsletter full of media & celebrity contacts, editorial opportunities and product offers; as well as databases and an ‘influencer health check’ service. 

Championing the creativity and value of the industry, Tiffany spoke about her personal experience of starting her own company out of necessity and demand, rising up, being bold and the importance of being a great team leader.



  • Give credit where it’s due.
  • Be bold. Ask for the raise. Have the conversation and demonstrate the reason.
  • You need the right team. You cannot teach people how to be honest or kind, but with the right team if you give an inch they rarely take a mile.

“Use every opportunity to fast track yourself.”


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