Supercars App named Best Sports Digital Platform

by Adrenalin
19 Jul 2017
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Supercars App named Best Sports Digital Platform

Last night at the Ministry of Sports Marketing Awards, we scooped the Best Sports Digital Platform Award for the Supercars Official App. This is the second year running that Supercars and Adrenalin have won the prestigous category. Fending off some stiff competition from “AFL Media” by AFL and “Draftstars” by Draftstars, we were delighted to add another trophy to our collection.

The Ministry of Sports Marketing (MSM) conference took place during the day with the awards event in the evening. The conference focusses on what’s working, what’s not and ‘what’s next’ in the international sports marketing space. Bernie from Adrenalin and Sam Barker from Supercars were invited to speak at the conference alongside speakers including: VP of Marketing & Communications of NBA,  Asia - Sheila Rasu, VP of International Partnerships at UFC, UK - Rene Valencia, GM of Growth and Digital Audiences for NFL - Darren Birch. Full list of speakers here.

Bernie and Sam's presentation was focused on giving sports marketers insights to help them win the multi-screen race. 

In this age of information overload people’s attention spans are topping out at an average of just 8 seconds – that’s one second less than the humble goldfish.

In addition to this, attention isn’t focused in just one place any more. A 2016 Nielson study showed that 76% of Australians multi-screen (watch TV and use the Internet simultaneously).

With this fierce competition for precious little attention we’re in a game of survival of the fittest.

Brands need to be quick and nimble to beat their audiences to their devices. When the viewer switches over to their phone or tablet, brands need to be there ready to surprise, delight and add value.

The marketers behind the brands leading this second-screen race are optimizing user experiences to maximize every drop of value out of those 8 seconds through every medium available.

Bernie and Sam focused on three key insights for the audience to consider:

  • Audience attention is being diluted
  • Customer Lifetime Value is now the key metric
  • Fans want connected ecosystems not siloed platforms

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