Latest session: Next gen multiscreen marketing

by Jenni Hayward
26 Jul 2017
6 min read
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Latest session: Next gen multiscreen marketing

This month, we hosted the fourth session in our #AdrenalinSessions event series. We invited speakers from Facebook, Supercars and Junkee Media to share their insights on multi-screen marketing and what brands need to know.

See the summary of the presentations here:


First up we heard from Jacqui Cole, Industry Head of eCommerce at Facebook. Jacqui has been at Facebook for over six years starting in London and moving home to Sydney four years ago. Her team manage advertising for some of Australia’s largest results focused businesses across many industries including online retail, fitness, publishing and wagering. Jacqui spoke about "The Need for Speed on Mobile" looking at the theory that marketers only have a moment to earn attention on mobile.

Jacqui made us all think about how frequently we use our devices without even realising.

On average people look at their phones 200+ times each day

Key takeaways for brands

  • Get personal faster - with an ever-smaller window of time to make a connection, you need to make everything you do personal
  • Get attention quickly - by “capturing attention” with short videos on feed that are measured in thoughts and milliseconds, not minutes
  • Embrace change - you need to embrace and build for today's habits, but remember that habits are changing fast, and plan for it


Second up was Sam Barker, Digital Manager at Supercars. Sam has a passion for exploring new technology and how it can be applied to improve the overall fan experience and benefit the Supercars business. He spoke about "How to win the multi-screen race" looking at the way Supercars adapted to engage its audience through a multi-screen approach.

Key takeaways for brands:

  • Defeat audience dilution – With multiple touch points, develop a multi-screen strategy and put your best foot forward on each platform
  • Platform for a continuous narrative -Your story never has to end when your ‘time in the spotlight’ does
  • With the fragmentation of the media landscape, everyone is competing against each other for audience attention



Lastly we heard from Tim Duggan at Junkee Media. Tim is the Publisher and Co-Founder of Junkee Media, Australia’s leading publisher for young Australians and one of Australia's most innovative new media companies. Tim has been working in the digital space for over a decade, and was named #1 on Startup Daily's Young & Influential list and one of 25 People To Watch by MCV. He talked to recent research Junkee Media has carried out into “Y Gen Z are Next”.

Key takeaways for brands:

  • Gen Z prefer short & sharp content
  • Gen Z use Facebook even more than Millennials
  • Gen Z get more of their news from social media than newspapers and TV news programs


Learn more about our #AdrenalinSessions series and find out about our upcoming sessions here.

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