60 seconds with...Sasha

by Adrenalin
26 Mar 2018
2 min read
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60 seconds with...Sasha

What was your first ever job?

My first job ever was working in retail at a cheap clothing store in Bondi Junction – I was 15 and getting paid $11 per hour, cash in hand. I was the first of my friends to have a job that wasn’t babysitting and loved the independence – I was able to buy clothes for myself without begging my mum and didn’t feel bad about it. Here I was first taught the etiquette of customer service and how to treat your clients.


Who is your professional hero and why?

I have to say my professional hero is Bill Gates. He has built an incredible, successful empire that has been a foundation of the digital industry since the very beginning, as well as last through the innovations and changes of the digital world. He is also a philanthropist which goes to show how humble and generous he is. He is a fantastic life role model as well as professional one.


What is your proudest moment?

Proudest moment would be when I won a flute scholarship to my high school! Only because it was something that I worked so hard to practice and the award was very tangible.


What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

Follow your heart and do what you want, not what you think you have to!


Who is your favourite person/brand to follow on social media and why?

I don’t have a person or brand I religiously follow. I do follow a lot of coastal photography and travel accounts – I am a coastal girl and love to save beaches and tropical destinations on my Instagram for future travel places. I also follow a lot of food accounts – love to be in the know of the next new eating spot!

@aquabumps – this photo is of Bronte, where I grew up and still am



@lister – great street art, you see his work around Sydney’s east, as well as Europe



If you took a sabbatical what would you do?

Travel the world and try start my own business along the way! This way I could be based anywhere at any time.


What’s your favourite app and why?

I don’t have a ‘natural compass’ so Google Maps is a life changer when it comes to public transport, getting from a to b etc. Sounds very boring but I rely on this app so much!


What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said or done in your career?

At Christmas time, I had only just started working at Adrenalin and we were giving our Secret Santa gifts to each other. Everyone had to guess who their present was from. The person who got me as a Secret Santa knew straight away as

I had accidentally written "From Secret Sasha" in the card.

Everyone laughed and it's fair to say I've never lived it down.


What’s your favourite game and why?

Cards Against Humanity – best way to break the ice with a new group of people and a great game to play with your friends! Sports game would have to be hockey – it’s very fast paced and you feel like a weapon when you’re running with the ball and tackling people!


What do you love most about your job?

I learn so much every day. The digital industry is ever evolving and there is not time to twiddle your fingers. You must be in the know of the latest and greatest forms of technology and innovations to be the best person in your position.  


What do your colleagues not know about you?

I was born with a tooth.

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