Adrenalin makes top 10 employee engagement companies 2016

by Jenni Hayward
17 Nov 2016
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Adrenalin makes top 10 employee engagement companies 2016

Yesterday we joined some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading employers for the inaugural Employee Engagement Awards and were delighted to be listed in the top 10 of Employee Engagement Companies of the Year 2016.

The Employee Engagement awards have been running for a number of years in the UK and the US but 2016 saw the first EE Awards for Australia and New Zealand. Held in the iconic setting of the Museum of Contemporary Art in the Rocks, the awards ceremony was preceded by a conference focusing on Employee Engagement best practice. The afternoon saw HR, psychology and business experts speak from; Krispy Kreme, Brand Institute, Amex and KPMG.

We were recognised for our dedication to employee health & wellbeing as well as cultivating a culture that enables our people to thrive. We are extremely proud and honoured to have made the top ten.

These were some of our key takeaways from the conference:

“Empathy and consideration is essential in leaders especially as millennials make up over half the workforce. When looking at personality profiles look for leaders with high ‘care’ related scores not ‘power’ related scores”

“Stop hiring sociopaths need ‘we’ people not ‘me’ people”

- Karl Treachor, Brand Institute


“Healthier employees are the best performers – as wellbeing grows, performance grows in correlation”

“Mental health is a very important consideration in terms of wellbeing”

- Breckon Jones, American Express


“Implement public thank yous to build communication and bonds in the company – each week get everyone to say thank you to another person in front of the whole team”

- Richard Maloney, Engage and Grow


“Treat your staff like customers”
- Andy Pope, KPMG


If you would like to learn more about our culture and find out how you can join our team, visit our careers page.

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