Latest updates: Kentico EMS & Cloud

by Laura Turner & Toni Toni
26 Apr 2017
6 min read
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Latest updates: Kentico EMS & Cloud

If Content Management Systems are your thing, then this blog is for you. We’re going to talk all things CMS, specifically, Kentico, and some key insights from their latest updates - Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud. Scroll on for acronyms, CMS insights (there’s one already!), and some key takeaways to step up your approach to your website game.

In early April, Kentico hit the road in Australia with the masterminds behind the platform, to showcase Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud, giving technical understanding of both, and how they can radically change your approach to digital marketing and web development. Kentico’s focus for the future is all about increasingly flexibility and creating agile workflows to shorten the lead time to getting your digital solutions up and running. They also focus on building a micro services architecture to cater to the multi-channel, ever evolving and increasingly dynamic digital world. Through agility and micro services, combined with leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Kentico is leading the charge as a revolutionary CMS platform.


Not just another acronym, but a robust solution for all of your digital marketing and sales campaigns, the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution offers a one-stop-shop to manage and enhance web based campaigns. There are obvious benefits to aligning your CMS and your EMS such as creating synergies between data, and allowing your CMS users to create relevant and successful content that their audiences will love and engage with. EMS isn’t brand new to Kentico, however the latest Kentico release in November 2016 finessed some amazing features that will take your marketing efforts to the next level. Sound good? These are some of the EMS features that we’re excited about:

  • A/B Testing on website and in emails
  • Multi Variant Testing
  • Contact Management including personas, segmentation, activity tracking and lead scoring
  • Analytics and reporting

These built-in tools enable CMS editors to gain a holistic view of your website audience, enabling them to identify your websites successes, and what’s not working so well, in real time – putting your website well ahead of your competitors. It also helps create those invaluable links between your audience, their habits, who they are and what they ultimately want from their digital interactions with you. For a deeper dive into the Kentico EMS you can read more here.

The Cloud

We’re all using ‘the cloud’ and we can’t imagine a time without it. It may have been the buzz word of 2015, but Kentico’s version of the Cloud is definitely something worth considering. The Cloud is the perfect complement to Kentico EMS, and although Cloud-first digital experience platforms are yet to be mainstream, this is definitely a leader in the space. The Kentico Cloud has evolved from its introduction in 2015, from content production to a headless CMS, with an exciting roadmap ahead for a Cloud-first CMS with smart personalisation, content recommendation and DXP (Data Exchange Protocol) in 2017.

So, what is Kentico Cloud, and why should you consider it? Kentico cloud is a ‘content hub’ that enables you to manage all of your content in a Cloud! It applies a UX led approach and agile development model that’s perfect for time restricted, content-orientated projects, and can revolutionise your work processes.

Say goodbye to the waterfall workflow

Traditionally, websites are built following a waterfall process of UX, Design, UI, development, and finally the content is populated when the sites are complete. But with Kentico Cloud, web development and content production can occur simultaneously. Why is this important, you might ask? By allowing content to be uploaded at an earlier phase, bottlenecks are removed whilst multiple parties work together, speeding up the project delivery.

What might this look like?

  • Planning, and wireframes kick off the website build
  • Content, Design, and Back-end Development work simultaneously and in parallel with one another
  • Front-End Development works to integrate the template using the real content uploaded by the producer

Because of this shifting on the Front End Development to the later phase, the development model has been named the “headless CMS”, meaning that Front End Development is no longer the ”head” of the CMS, instead it is at the very end phase. And there is now much greater flexibility for Front End development and Back End development to apply any technologies that they prefer.

Collaborative teamwork

We all love a well-oiled machine, and with Kentico Cloud, your team will be running smoothly! Roles work simultaneously, content and planning together, backend before frontend, dev and designs simultaneous, design and FED based on read structure, content and even functionality.

By splitting the content production and web development process, it provides agility for team members to work on things simultaneously, and to resolve any speed bumps efficiently without impacting one another. With the Producer, Designer, Front-end and Back-end developers all working together in parallel all requirements and limitations are brought to light from the get go. This process also facilitates a responsive team environment with immediate feedback during the process.

Another bonus - developers love using the latest technologies and with the Kentico Cloud technology agnostics (meaning that it supports any platforms or technology, such as PHP, Magento, WordPress, .NET, MVC) allowing Front End developers and Back End developers to apply any technologies that they prefer.

We could shout from the roof tops (well, out of the windows of our office on the 2nd story) about all the exciting things about Kentico Cloud, but there are a few limitations with Kentico Cloud to bear in mind.

  • The feature set is (drastically) reduced - such as no built-in Forms or Custom Tables
  •  A change in the typical approach to building websites is required
  • Content editors can't build pages – yet!

But don’t let this put you off, as with all things Kentico, their team is working tirelessly to make things bigger, better and faster, so a more robust solution is likely, underway, and just around the corner.

Kentico’s offering is paving the road of Content Management Systems, and their EMS and Cloud solutions offer robust, user-friendly solutions to deliver a diverse range of digital solutions.  Through facilitating omni-channel content publishing, multi-channel and multi-service projects through smart and ever evolving technology. Keen to learn more? Discover more here: Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud.

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