Adrenalin Away: The Vineyard Edition

by Sam Williams
05 Apr 2017
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Adrenalin Away: The Vineyard Edition

With coffee and breakfast pack in hand, the Adrenalin team set off to the Hunter Valley on Thursday morning for the 2017 Adrenalin Away – a two day event which focuses on team building and the agency’s strategy over the next year.

My first one with the company, I found the concept incredibly democratic – the whole lead up and the duration of the trip constantly ensured everyone was involved. Despite being jam packed, the trip was a balance of engaging presentations, enjoyable team building activities and of course wine tasting - when in Rome!

Once we arrived at the Crowne Plaza, the presentations began with Senior Management and Client Services which focused on the year ahead and the direction of the company, which gave a transparent view of the agency. One of the presentations that had the biggest impact on me was on cultural initiatives, which involved input from the whole team on such issues as celebrating work anniversaries. What separates Adrenalin from the other companies I’ve worked for is their emphasis on creating and supporting a positive work culture.

Rather than back to back presentations, the day was broken up with activities to keep people engaged. We first had to arrange ourselves in alphabetical order of country of birth – but in complete silence. We quickly learnt we were all very talented with making letters with our fingers. Next was arranging ourselves in date of birth order.

In a group of 23, there’s a 50% chance that there will be a pair that share a birthday.

- With a team of 32, we’re lucky enough to have 2 pairs.

Arranged by a company that specialises in corporate team building - Pinnacle, we headed outside for our first team challenge – Eddy the Egg. Each team had to construct a mechanism made from straws and tape that prevented an egg breaking after being dropped from a 1.5m height. With the teams being a mix of departments, it was interesting to see how each team’s strategy and execution differed. It was great to see everyone in the group suggesting ideas – some so crazy that they just might work. From cone-shaped, to a structure which relied on the strength of the sticky tape, each team had constructed something unique.

Image: Eddy the Egg Activity

All energised and focused, we listened to the remaining presentations from Creative, Production, Marketing and Development teams. It was interesting hearing about what was in store for Adrenalin over the year and the up and coming trends in each field. Despite being different departments, it was great to hear how each team shared the same vision for the company.

In true Adrenalin style, dinner was themed black and white accompanied with matching balloons and bunting decorations. Dinner was accompanied with more team activities where each table battled it out in trivia mid-round fun games. The most hilarious games were often the most simple, such how many attempts does it take to land a golf ball on a small square 30cms away?

The answer is 23.

With many of us feeling the effects of a late night, it was time for our next team challenge – wine Olympics. A series of fun relay events such as wine spitting and a waiter relay we all worked as a supportive team and to our strengths. I felt my team worked really well collectively as we were all supportive, had the same strategy and knew our strengths, whether it was walking lunges or amazing aim when it came to spitting water in a bucket. Everyone was really cooperative and committed, which made it a great team challenge.

Image: The Winning Team

A definite favourite of the trip was wine tasting! We were lucky enough to have private wine tastings at two wineries - Tulloch Wines and Tamburlaine Organic Wines. By the end of it, we all on the path to becoming wine connoisseurs with our new wine tasting techniques such as the backwards cat-bum. The two were a great mix and it was interesting comparing the two wineries, as Tamburlane is completely organic and a relatively young winery, whereas Tullochs has such a rich history, being established in 1895

My first Adrenalin Away was a rewarding and motivating experience being a part of the larger vision for the company. It was clear there was careful consideration about how the days were organised with a balance of work and play. From creating a logo for the event to well executed presentations and private wine tasting, it was clear how much effort and organisation had gone into organising the event and making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. When you spend 40 hours a week at work, it’s so important to feel like a part of the team and I felt there were so many opportunities throughout to get to know everyone outside the office. With a variety of activities and being in a mix of teams, I was able to work with people I typically wouldn’t get to. It was also amazing to see what being out of the office can do for team bonding. Although the presentations could have been done at the office, it definitely would not have had the same impact. It was just a win-win we were surrounded by wineries.

To see all of our photos from our trip, check out the photo album on our Facebook page here.

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