Convergence event: wearables, VR and The Internet of Things

by Jenni Hayward
08 Apr 2016
2 min read
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Convergence event: wearables, VR and The Internet of Things

Last night some of the team and our clients from UNSW headed to UTS for the Convergence 002 event for an evening of presentations, panel discussions, demos and more. The main foyer of the University buzzed with digital industry professionals and technology companies alike.
Lawrence Crumpton from Microsoft’s HoloLens, took to the main stage and captured everyone’s imagination with an inspiring explanation of HoloLens and its capabilities.

The idea of teleporting yourself into a meeting across the world is one that particularly resonated with the team.

Wearables, was of course a hot topic. We saw Ben Moir, founder of Wearable Experiments, discuss applications including yoga pants that vibrate when the user does a position incorrectly. The question of how wearables will enrich human daily life was posed considering the incorporation of big data.
Unsurprisingly, VR and AR played a very active role in the evening, with a lot of people wandering about with headsets doing everything from 3D drawing and touring virtual buildings, to racing cars (although this made us feel pretty dizzy). It was fascinating to hear about some of the potential for application across nearly every industry – not just entertainment and gaming, but medicine, sport, architecture, education and more. We are interested to see how some of the challenges such as resolution and GPU speed will be addressed.

Various panel discussions were run simultaneously like a silent disco, with the audience tuning in on wireless headphones and being able to select the channel, and therefore, the discussion they wanted to listen to. Bernie spoke on a panel that looked at the UX implications of some of the tech that had been discussed, people flocked to hear quite a heated discussion about the future of VR.
All in all, the evening was interesting and inspired much debate among the members of the creative, development, UI, account management and marketing teams who attended. We look forward to speaking at and reporting on more industry events in the coming months.  

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