60 seconds with...Alex

by Adrenalin
15 Aug 2018
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60 seconds with...Alex

Meet Alex Dale, Senior Designer.

He's a big fan of all things basketball, devouring ramen and waking up at 5.30am (possibly to plan his next ramen adventure).



I’ve never had a nickname that stuck. Amongst recent social circles I’ve been known as The D-Dog, Dale-dog and The Old Dale Dog. Not much creativity in those ones.


Guilty pleasure?

I play a lot of video games. I also buy a lot and don’t get around to playing them because I tend to play the same games over and over again. Some of the usual offenders are Dark Souls and Overwatch.


First ever job?

I have a family member who owns a golf range. For $6.50 an hour, I walked around the range dodging golf balls and picking them up. In terms of equipment, I was given a tin can welded to a golf club and a random assortment of protective sports gear to protect me from all the flying balls.


Who is your professional hero?

I’ve always looked up to Tobias Van Schneider. Over the years he has gone from being a straight-up visual designer whose unique style inspired every single digital designer out there to a very well-respected figure in the graphic design community. He has founded and launched digital products (including a portfolio building tool for designers) and writes truly meaningful and honest content for his blog.


Dream client to work on?

I’d love to brand and design a website for an NBA player like Kyrie Irving or Russell Westbrook.


Favourite person or brand to follow on Instagram?


Posts all sorts of creative photography. 



His feed looks like concept artwork for a new Blade Runner film.



I need my daily basketball fix.


What’s your favourite app?

VSCO. A photo editing app with features similar to Instagram but with a better way of storing and saving images. I’ve been lucky to be able to travel a bit over the last couple of years and having a good photo editor always on hand is a blessing. Pair this with how good smartphone cameras are nowadays and you can capture some amazing imagery. The best camera is the one you have with you.


What's one thing your colleagues don’t know about you?

I have indirectly supplied design assets to a terrorist organisation.


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