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Adrenalin X is a creative technology lab where innovative ideas are brought to life for our clients. The lab is an incubator and accelerator space where new ideas undergo rapid prototyping and next generation products are developed. Adrenalin X leverages emerging technologies to drive clever thinking including VR, AR, wearables, RFID, Beacons and more. Adrenalin X is a mash-up of fun, strategic thinking & creativity.

It was born out of our insatiable desire to create, explore and challenge the realms of possibility. The lab sits apart from the main Adrenalin office and works as a separate entity focusing on rapid-prototyping and exploration projects. Run in an entirely agile manner it enables us to deliver clients with a swift proof-of-concept enabling brands to explore big ideas quickly, efficiently and in a low-risk environment.

In addition to being an incubator resource for our clients, Adrenalin X cultivates innovative thinking among our staff, driving our passion and deep curiosity for understanding what’s next.

Here are some projects we are working on at the moment...

Adrenalin X

Vitual Reality

We are currently developing a branded VR platform which delivers an immersive and engaging experience for users. The project is leveraging Unity to test apps and 360 degree experiential activations on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. 

Adrenalin X
Adrenalin X

Smart home voice assistants

Voice control is quickly becoming the next major human-computer interaction everyone will be using day to day and we’re exploring just how that will come to life in your home or office. Home voice automation was the big trend coming out of CES 2017 and we’re using Google Home to test how a smart assistant can automate our smart devices and become part of our lives.


Our chatbot project is focused on reimagining complex user experiences in new ways. As messaging platforms continue to grow we see potential for intelligent chatbots to become a more streamlined and exciting communication channel for many of our clients.

Adrenalin X


We are using beacons to connect digital experiences with physical locations, exploring opportunities for our clients to leverage relevant customer information in real-time. The beacon technologies we’re testing are Eddystone, Physical Web and estimate iBeacons.

Adrenalin X
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